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Modern container handling terminal DIT offers a wide range of transport and storage services at Krupp Port in Duisburg, Germany. Located at the intersection of major North and South and West-East cities, Duisburg Intermodal Terminal (DIT), with its international rail and barge services, fills a range of transportation needs. DIT stores 10,500 containers in a total working area of 200,000 m². 


The requirements for the business and technology of container handling are facing changes and improvements. At the same time, ecological and environmental issues are getting more and more important for both customers and container handling companies alike. When DIT set a goal to provide green logistics for their customers and put more effort into corporate responsibility, they needed to find a reliable partner to support their ambition.


Based on a long-standing partnership with Konecranes, DIT was sure that the introduction of the new, unique Konecranes Hybrid Drive technology for reach stackers would be beneficial. “There were no better alternatives available for the hybrid reach stacker, and the service concept with insurance and backup solutions were adjusted precisely for our needs”, says Bernd Putens, Managing Director, DIT. Mr. Putens says that DIT was very content with being involved in the supply chain. ”We had reliable contacts in Konecranes sales and service. If we had any questions about optimization, we got direct answers from Konecranes staff.”


At Krupp Port, the hybrid reach stacker is used in load handling, all container handling and operating in the container stock in a three-shift system. The hybrid reach stacker and its regenerative power feature has cut down fuel consumption in everyday container handling and increased the productivity and cost-efficiency of DIT’s operations. Due to electric motors and fewer complex mechanical components, maintenance has become faster and service costs have lowered significantly. With reduced noise levels and better lifting response, operator performance has improved. A significant decrease in carbon emissions is in line with the company’s mission to provide sustainable transportation services. Maintaining the same level of performance, DIT will, according their calculations, eliminate about 10% of emissions from their operations by 2020.

“The Konecranes hybrid reach stacker is better at materials handling than any other reach stacker we have, and it helps save both the environment and our financial resources,” says Mr. Putens. “We got the complete package, consisting of both the machine and service. We have felt well looked after and understood in this Hybrid Drive project. Konecranes is a partner we want to continue to work with in the future.”


Clearly, the hybrid reach stacker speaks for itself. Contargo Group, of which DIT is a part, has decided to continue to invest in Konecranes hybrid reach stackers, as it looks towards a greener future and more efficient container handling.

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