Located in Vinderup in north-west Denmark, Priess A/S is the leading supplier of products supporting eco-efficient infrastructure, supply, traffic and similar fields throughout the country. Dating back to 1921, the company has always adapted to ongoing market trends and the needs of customization to maintain its long-term success. Today, it specializes in solar energy, technical cabinets and engineering for lighting, communications, pumping stations and related steel structures.

Better handling with fewer trucks

As market demand and their workload increased, Priess wanted to continue the same timely delivery of products and services that their customers had come to appreciate. In particular, the transport of transformer stations, engineering and panel houses and concrete foundations from indoor warehousing to outdoor storage needed to be faster to achieve their efficiency targets.

Because the materials they were moving had a range of different weights, Priess had always used several forklift trucks with different weight limits. This caused delays in swapping forklifts between loads, and waiting for the right one to be available. To overcome this problem, and speed up their handling process, they decided to replace the old units in their fleet with just one: a Konecranes Liftace F16-600C. This machine would give them more flexibility in lifting any large, ready-assembled transformer stations and outdoor equipment cabinets, up to a weight limit of 16 tons.

Customery story_Priess_Maintenance manager

“One of the best things about this forklift is excellent visibility due to an advanced cabin design, the arrangement of the mast in the front and a camera at the back,” said Nicholas Andersen Scammell, Priess Maintenance Manager. “It has a modern, ergonomic control layout, a short turning radius, a radio system and there are scales in the forks to prevent overload. Our drivers are very pleased with it.”

Additional features include lateral fork movement and a mast that can tilt for better maneuverability around loads. It’s also fitted with tubeless tires, which prevent flats.

Not only fleet renewal

Denmark has embraced the green economy, reflected in its policy to use renewable resources as much as possible. Priess shows its commitment to this goal in its product offering as well as in its choice of business tools. In this case, the new Konecranes forklift has replaced several forklift trucks with just one, and its technical efficiency both reduces emissions and helps them save at least 30% on fuel costs.

Both lower emissions and less noise help to maintain the health of drivers. Besides carbon particles, forklift operators are often exposed to a lot of noise when working in industrial areas. This Konecranes forklift has been designed to minimize engine noise – particularly when working inside - which maximizes driver comfort and helps protect their hearing in the long-term.

Priess ordered their new forklift through N.C. Nielsen, the trusted Danish distributor for Konecranes Lift Trucks. They have a long history of business cooperation and as trusted partners, Priess were ready to try something new that would fill their requirements.

The Konecranes F16-600C Liftace forklift is a member of the new generation of flexible, high-tech, heavy-duty lift trucks.


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