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Ralf Gowin

Bremen, Germany
Sales Director
We all work with great commitment and a high degree of integrity for the product!
Ralf Gowin Konecranes

What was your first impression of Konecranes as a company?

Since that very first day, it felt like I was working with friends. That brought me great confidence and the feeling of feeling welcome to my new workplace. The brand Konecranes is to me the definition of an excellent product with a trustable philosophy. And to me, with intentions of being a successful salesmen, it’s important to sell with a 100% conviction – and that is my number one priority. And, I really enjoy working for Swedish companies. 

Do you remember your first assignments?

One the very first day? It was to understand how Konecranes Lift Trucks thinks, and how they operate. My job is to sell with the primary focus on productivity, profitable deals for us and our customers and to secure market shares. Back then I came from the market leading company within the lifting industry and aimed to take Konecranes into its very best spotlight in Germany. It takes good work, of course, but I also believe in Konecranes and its platform. It has such a modern focus and with that in mind, I can do something in this context. I trust it’s a definite win-win situation.

What is the best thing about the team you’re working with?

We all work with great commitment and a high degree of integrity for the product!

Describe your role and how a typical work day looks like.

I see my role as a passionate salesman. But I have to stop you right there since there is no typical work day in a sales man’s life. Every day has its challenges. Many think that sales are only making offers of machines, but I would say that I invest most of my time together with the customer; communicating and bringing them closer to our business. Always remember that you have to have time for small talk and making sure that you contribute to a feel-good atmosphere.

Tell us what keeps you motivated.

That is the easiest part when it comes to sales - success is the recipe in how to keep me motivated. And, of course, the fact that we always have to stay focused, work hard, bring in customers and strive to be better than our competitors. But with success there is always challenges in how to remain interesting to the customer, adapting the strategy and to predict the future customer culture.

Last but not least, what makes a good salesman?

I think that everyone working in sales has its character and way of working with people, but I would say honesty, reliability and customer trust. But always remember that if you are authentic – you’ll have every chance to be successful.

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