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Anna-Lena Håkansson

Markaryd, Sweden
Warranty and Admin Manager
I’ve always felt that there is no limits in how much you could grow within Konecranes as a company
Anna Håkansson

When was your first day at Konecranes?

It was back in 2006, and I started off as an administrator. Before that, I came from a background working for one of Konecranes suppliers but after a few years I felt that I needed a new challenge in life.

Do you remember your first day at Konecranes? What was your first impression?

Oh, I do! On my very first day a project for an online warranty system started and landed on my desk as one of my first and most important things to work with. I remember thinking it was a really good kick starter and that is so typical Konecranes as a company - they put so much trust in people and truly allows us to grow, learn from our mistakes and let us work in line with modern leadership. I’ve always felt that there are no limits in how much you could grow within Konecranes as a company. 

What does your work situation look like today?

Today I’m responsible for the service team, in a total of five persons including me.

Three of them travels around the globe to provide with the maintenance of the lift trucks sold to customers’ worldwide. The fourth person in my team does the administrational work that I once used to do. But for me, one of my main tasks is the quality regarding the suppliers’ products that we use when building lift trucks. I’m also the one to make sure that the logistics work and to have that overall big picture view regarding the team I’m responsible for. But ultimately my focus is to give the customer the maintenance service it needs.

What personal interests do you have regarding your career within Konecranes and what would you say is an ’every-day-must-have’ at your workplace?

I’m always aiming for new challenges and at the service department no workday looks the same. When you step into the office in the morning, you’ll never know what will happen during the day. And the main thing I can’t be without is the social integration that comes with coworkers, colleagues and customers.

Can you mention two things that make you proud to be a part of Konecranes?

The fact that we build relationships and provide our customers with great service! Those are also my number one priority besides being able to grow with every-day-challenges. And hopefully, both challenging tasks and my journey within Konecranes will keep on going - it hadn't stopped once since that first day, nine years ago, when I entered Konecranes.

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