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Paco Pruden

South America
Product Support Area Technician
If you always provide your very best, people will always remember you.
Paco Pruden Konecranes

How did you get in touch with Konecranes Lift Trucks in the first place?

I started to work with forklifts when I was seventeen, first in Argentina and later in the UK. I was an employed by Linde, and when they decided to sell the company to Konecranes I was offered a job and it was a done deal since I really wanted to continue work with heavy trucks. And as you can imagine, every time you change company you will have high expectations – otherwise you don’t take the decision to go for it.

What are your responsibilities?

I work mainly with the remote product support which means that I collaborate closely with the technicians that're stationed out in the fields, all over Latin America. It’s me who does the arrangement and planning in practice – the local dealers account for the first line contact with the customers, and I'm stationed in the second line. But as always, the primary focus is on the customers need. We do all that it takes to provide and guarantee excellent service!

We guess that great service comes with a lot of travelling – is that correct?

I travel seven months a year, and that is necessary. We work with forklifts, but we also work with people that need to feel that they made the right decision when choosing Konecranes. In my role I need to be able to be flexible since the differentiation in the assignments is huge - you need to have knowledge of the components in the machine, in engines, transmissions, the hydraulics, electrics and all the systems that are used when measuring the efficiency.

How is the relationship with customers when looking over time?

I believe in personal service and nowadays, it’s not that unusual that you meet customers on the other side of the world that you served ten years ago, and they will still recognize you. So you become some sort of ambassador or even the face of Konecranes! And since they remember you, that’s a sign for me that I did provide a good and memorable job. Every day I say to myself, if we want our products work 24 hours a day - we should provide services 24 hours a day.

What makes you want to continue being a part of Konecranes?

It makes me proud to be a part of Konecranes since it's well known as a premium brand. And if we want to be the best - we always have to be on the search for the best people working for us. But I’m also proud of myself, and that is a good thing for Konecranes. Lift trucks are in my blood, and if you always provide your very best, people will always remember you.

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