Excellence from Småland

The world’s heartland of lift trucks

The province of Småland, in southern Sweden, is the world’s heartland of heavy-duty lift trucks. Småland has a greater concentration of heavy-duty lift truck companies, history, heritage, craftsmanship and passion for the industry than any other part of the world.

Småland became the world’s heartland of heavy-duty lift trucks thanks to its wood industry and the pragmatic nature of its hard-working people. Småland is agriculturally poor but rich in trees: 50% of its surface area is covered by forest. Wood has been an essential part of the province’s economy for hundreds of years.

Konecranes: leading the way

Motorized tractors were first used by Smålanders in the 1890s and 1900s. Some were adapted for wood harvesting by adding home-made masts and forks. By the 1930s, local entrepreneurs were making and selling lift trucks for logging and stacking, showing considerable ingenuity.

Those rough-and-ready early lift trucks were trailblazers, driving the productivity and profitability of their owners’ businesses. By the 1970s, Småland boasted a number of important lift truck companies doing business across Scandinavia, Europe and the world.

The history of Konecranes Lift Trucks dates back to the 1950s and the beginning of the modern era of the lift truck business. Our heritage lies in southern Sweden and Småland, while our business reach extends across the world. We are continuing the tradition of fine truck craftsmanship, while bringing to it the latest technologies and industrial design.

Konecranes is leading the way from the world’s heartland of lift trucks.

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