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Konecranes Lift Trucks headquarter can be found in the town of Markaryd, Småland, in southern Sweden. This is the R&D, industrial design and manufacturing base for Konecranes' global lift truck business unit. In Lingang (Shanghai), China, we have a second home where we produce high-quality trucks primarily for the Asian market.

Our lift truck craftsmen work in modern assembly factories. In 2020 tact assembly was introduced in our Lingang factory, giving a smooth production workflow. In Markaryd the office facilities have expanded considerably in 2012, and again in 2016, to accommodate growth in the business. In 2020 the main office building was renovated, giving our people a modern and flexible workspace.

We are devoted to fulfilling our customers' expectations for long-term reliability and performance. We sell and support our lift trucks all over the world as part of Konecranes, and with the support from our local distributors.

You are always welcome to visit

We love having customers visit our lift trucks factories. Come and see for yourself the care and craftsmanship that goes into making your truck.

We are Konecranes Lift Trucks professionals with a common passion: making the hardest-working, longest-living lift trucks in the world. You can tell a lot about how a lift truck will perform when you visit the facility in which it is made.


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