Lift Truck Quality and Design

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Konecranes is an industry-leading group of lifting businesses with offices and factories around the globe. We have over 80 years of experience in improving the efficiency and performance of our customers' operations. When you choose Konecranes, you choose a unique source of global experience and knowledge combined with local know-how to empower your lifting operations and increase your productivity.


Raising the bar of quality and design

Our mission is to build the hardest-working, longest-lasting heavy-duty lift trucks in the world. To accomplish this, we continuously improve the design of our trucks based on customer feedback. We are very curious about how our customers use our trucks, and their ideas about improvements. And we pay close attention to quality in every phase of design, production and delivery.

Excellent industrial design is a cornerstone of the Konecranes product design process and a hallmark of the Konecranes brand. To read more about the standard features we offer, visit our smarter where it matters section. Our NearGuard warning system has received special recognition: it was awarded the Design 4 Safety technology award at IMHX 2010.

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