Genuine Konecranes parts

Genuine Konecranes parts


Genuine Konecranes parts are the best protection for your investment in a Konecranes lift truck. They might cost a little more than generic parts, but they pay off handsomely in truck performance and uptime in the long run.

New or remanufactured?

It isn't always necessary to use brand new parts or refurbish larger components, which can take some time. It might be better to use a remanufactured replacement. We keep a stock of remanufactured components that offer the same quality and performance as a new component at a better price. Talk to your nearest dealer about the availability of genuine Konecranes parts and remanufactured components.

Konecranes lift trucks share a common platform of components and parts. Technicians servicing Konecranes lift trucks are therefore familiar with all our trucks, and spare part stocks can be minimized. When you order a lift truck from us, we can suggest a tailor-made "spare part kit" for the truck that will reduce downtime.

Be environmentally friendly

The environment is important to us through all the phases of the product lifecycle: design, development, manufacturing, delivery, service, after-market and scrapping/recycling. We strive to be at the forefront of environmentally friendly practices. When you purchase a Konecrane lift truck you join a genuine commitment to sustainable lift truck business.