Wind power

Wind power

Wind power

Fork lift truck, lifting capacity 10-33 tons, handling wind blades 20-65 m long.

Wind power

Reach stacker handling long wind turbine blades.

Wind power

Fork lift truck customized for wind power handling: steel plates, tower sections, generator housings, windmill blades.


Heavy components need to be handled at various phases of the manufacture, delivery and erection of a wind turbine. We offer fork lift trucks and reach stackers that lift 10 – 80 tons and all the special attachments needed.


Our fork lift trucks and reach stackers are ideal for handling the 25-100 ton sections during the manufacturing process of offshore wind turbine foundations (tripods) . A single Konecranes fork lift truck or reach stacker can lift 60-80 tons. In tandem lifting, 120-160 tons can be lifted.


Large Konecranes fork lift trucks and reach stackers are used in the production of the tower sections, which can weigh anywhere from 30 to 100 tons. Our reach stackers, equipped with a crane hook, can lift 50-80 tons up to 15 m high.


Wind turbine blades can be handled with reach stackers equipped with sling attachments, or with fork lift trucks.


Konecranes reach stackers, equipped with special attachments, are ideal for material handling during the nacelle construction process.

And service

To keep your lift trucks performing at their best, we offer technical support, maintenance, safety training, and genuine Konecranes parts. Contact us to obtain the best possible lift truck, with full support, for your wind power operation!